OEM Shaft Coupling Joint Clutch Clamp

OEM Shaft Coupling Joint Clutch Clamp
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Component Machining Services:CNC and Manual Turning and Milling, Drilling and Tapping, CNC Linear Cutting, CNC Electric-Discharge Machining, Surface Grinding, etc.
Material Available:Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, etc.
Dimensions & Design:In accord with the customer's drawings and specifications.
Drawing Formats:JPEG, PDF, CAD, IGS, SolidWorks Accepted.
Accuracy:Machining Accuracy: +/- 0.01mm
Grinding Accuracy: +/- 0.005mm
Surface Roughness: Ra0.8
Parallelism: +/- 0.005mm
Perpendicularity: +/- 0.005mm
Concentricity: 0.003mm
Packing:Polybag, Carton, Plywood Case, Pallet, etc.
Logistics:Shipments can be made by sea, air, or courier. All are available.


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